Projects Seeking Investment

The difference between success and failure will be determined by how you prepare and present.

Throughout the world, project developers together with cities, states, counties and provinces have been seeking to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) through a variety of measures, including the use of financial and tax incentives and the establishment of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), Boards of Investment (BOI) or Economic Development Agencies (EDA).

However, the ability of promotional activities to generate investment is likely to be constrained by the ability to provide a professional project prospectus which clearly details a projects viability, local benefits and benefits to the investor. An investor may be persuaded to consider a project in a specific location, but if investors find that their needs will not be met or that the financial returns will be inadequate or uncertain, they will not proceed with the investment.

Most investors rarely engage in comprehensive research of a project, relying heavily on the information provided by the investment opportunity information. Successfully persuading an investor will fail if potential investors are unaware of or, have an incorrect impression of a project’s advantages and benefits.

Rauch on a for fee basis, works closely together with project developers around the world and its global strategic partners to plan, develop and market targeted and language specific project presentations to attract FDI.

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Please note the following:

In order to help protect the investor, only projects on which Rauch has direct advisory and management involvement will be presented for investment.

Projects seeking investment require initial capital for fundraise activities. Projects without sufficient fundraise capital will not be considered.

Capital invested in fundraising efforts does not guarantee investment funds will be secured.

Rauch works with both private and institutional investors’ each of which will have their own criteria, process, and procedures.

Contact Rauch to receive a proposal for the review of your project and its investment requirements.

Due to the nature of information that will be exchanged between Client and Rauch, Rauch will require that a mutually binding non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement be signed. Information provided to Rauch will be held in strictest confidence and will only be used for the purposes of providing services as requested by the applicant.

Rauch is not a licensed broker and is only acting as facilitator and manager of opportunities between those seeking investments and investors. Rauch makes no representation, warranties or guarantees of the outcome of any investment program entered into by investor.

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