Industry Sectors

Rauch Construction advisory and management services, together with its vetted global affiliates and strategic partners;

  • Offer a collective experience from working across multiple markets,
  • Provide a big-picture approach,
  • Identify and apply best practices,
  • Deliver highly efficient and effective solutions

Localized social investment and the creation and maintenance of good-will throughout the world are mandates of Rauch Construction. In the instance of humanitarian needs Rauch Construction is an impartial, neutral and independent organization. We believe that international humanitarian efforts encourage peace and promote international understanding. Rauch Construction is in full support of the mission and vision of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and all other domestic and international organizations who are impartial, neutral and independent in their provision of humanitarian relief.

Rauch Construction provides an array of advisory and management services in support of corporate and development clients. We combine hands-on management and a customized approach together with the ability to identify the best teams to manage the many interrelated elements of residential and commercial projects, helping to ensure projects are completed expediently and successfully.

We facilitate domestic and international projects by working with domestic and foreign entities, dignitaries and commercial officers, state, local and regional governments. We advise and liaise with U.S. Embassies and foreign embassies in the U.S., and we facilitate inter-agency coordination. Through our specialized construction advisory services, Rauch Construction serves as a liaison between private sector and government entities.

Rauch Construction is uniquely qualified to advise on, manage and oversee construction planning for both new and existing casinos and accompanying hotels. We have extensive experience in these areas which are mission critical in gaming environments and can have significant impact on a properties bottom line as well as on a visitor’s experience.

Bridges, roads, water, sewer, energy grid and oil and gas infrastructure as well as land and water transportation all play a critical role in global commerce. Without a functioning infrastructure and transport network, commerce will come to a halt.

Rauch Construction understands every infrastructure and transport project is unique and has its own unique challenges, ranging from construction in highly constrained and difficult environments, to intense public and governmental scrutiny, to often-inflexible budgets and schedules for completion. Rauch Construction advises on and assist in the management of these vital transportation links helping to ensure budgets, time-lines and quality standards are met.

Working with government agencies and private entities the world over, Rauch Construction has developed a reputation for the consistent delivery of excellence while adhering to the highest levels of client confidentiality.


Rauch has extensive knowledge and experience in various markets. If you need services in a different industry view our other companies.